Protecting Rabbits from Cold, Rabbit care in winters

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Protecting Rabbits from Cold, Rabbit care in winters

Postby Fozia Naeem » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:53 pm

so we just found out recently my mom is allergic to most pet dander,and i love animals so i wanted to get a rabbit but the only way i can get one is if it can stay outside, in our in closed porch. the porch is not heated and still gets cold but it would be protected from drafts. I relize how big of a responsibility this is i have owned many pets which all lived happy lives and died of old age so all i want to know is if its true a rabbit can live comfortably in the cold? thank you for any answers!
Fozia Naeem

Re: Protecting Rabbits from Cold, Rabbit care in winters

Postby Usman Ahmed » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:55 pm

yes, a rabbit will stand the stress of cold weather much better than they handle the stress associated with extreme heat. Keeping your rabbit in the garage or shelter and the cage should be located near a fence or wall to break the wind. To protect your pet from wind and rain, install a back and sides to the cage. Throw a tarp over the cage during a severe storm. Provide your rabbits with shelter from the wind, extra hay and blanket inside their boxes for insulation and, most importantly, adequate water. Use water crocks during winter because water bottle tubes freeze quickly and provide nothing but frustration to your rabbit. Crocks need to be changed at least twice a day because they freeze solid within a short time. Water is essential. Even though you leave your rabbit outdoor, you need to care for your rabbit essential needs and play with them.
Usman Ahmed

Re: Protecting Rabbits from Cold, Rabbit care in winters

Postby Labbit » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:57 pm

They actually do better in cold weather than hot weather. If it doesn't get down to 10 degrees every day for a month , they'll be fine. Make sure they have protection from rain,wind, and dampness. If it gets really cold for long periods of time, they would benefit from a wooden box to snuggle up in. My rabbits stay out year round, and have no problems at all.

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